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Hello, and welcome to my personal icon, fan art, fan fiction, etc, journal.

School GirlLittle AngelMagical GirlBeached MermaidPretty in PinkPrincess

I made these dolls at eLouai.com. You can make one for yourself right HERE. It's fun, easy, and FREE!!!

Just a few things about me:

1. I believe in the ultimate golden rule of fan fiction writing: "Don't tell me what to write and not to write, because I won't tell you what to write and not to write either."

2. If you take anything from this community please grant me the usual courtesy of commenting and crediting.

3. I don't make these things to show off my mad graphics skills because I really don't have any to speak of. Instead, I make these for fun using Paint mainly. These the results of my experiments in graphic design with the little means that I have. So if you're here just to make fun, GET OUT!!!

This is How I Attempt to Make Colorbars:

Pixelbee is Love
Pixelbee is "Bring My Dream Prince to Life" Love

I made these dolls at Pixelbee.com. You can make your own HERE. It's fun, easy, and free!

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Ainohimeliz is just as her name says: The Princess of Love. She always follows her heart and will always be there to help her friends in need. She strives to fight valiantly and gracefully. A protector of the innocent, defender of justice, and soldier of faith.
Strengths: A girl in love is the strongest!
Weaknesses: Her sweet tooth can overtake her. She follows her heart instead of her head. She also has a very weak stomach and is easily carsick. Beware her sarcasm!
Special Skills: Ballet, pointe, cosplay, sewing, drawing, acting, writing, singing, cooking, baking, and putting a little bit of magic into everyday things.
Weapons: A small sword, Cupid's bow and arrow and the Boundless Power of Love aid her for a swift and beautiful Coup de Grace!
Mottos: "It's not about power; it's about grace." -The Art of War(she thinks) "Quando omni flunkus moritati(when all else fails, play dead)"-Red Green "Because I'm a woman I won't lose!" Rain Mikamura from G-Gundam

I made these dolls at Gaia.com. You can make your own HERE! It's fun, easy, and FREE!!!